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Here are links to my Christian experience. On June 9, 1997, I turned sixty. I don't remember a time "before" I was a Christian. I did spend many years in a far country wasting my inheritance. There came a time in 1980 that I realized I had to return to my Heavenly Father's house. Life out in the world, governed by the infamous prince of the air, was not life.

Since that year, He has taken me along paths that I would never have trod if had the choice. Out of fear and rebellion, I have asked to be relieved of certain paths. He did not make me tred them, but, since then, He has shown me how I missed out on much joy.

There is no logical organization to these pages. Perhaps you will see something the Holy Ghost has for you. Do let me know. Flames, Spam, etc. will be directed to /dev/null without response.

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In 1981, I was having a hard time with the spiritual exercise of understanding the link between Sin (the result of the fall - Genesis 3), and my behavior. I found this which helped me greatly.


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